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We (from this point on “We” means myself, Lindsey Hoff, “us”, and anyone else working with me, for me, or partnered with me) value you (customers and visitors) more than just about anything else in our business. People like you, your friends, and their friends are the life-blood of our business.

Please know that your privacy is of utmost importance to us and your information will never be given away, traded, or sold to anyone up to the extent that the law allows us.

Information We Do and Do Not Collect From You

This website does NOT collect credit card information from you, nor do we process credit card or any other forms of payment.

We do collect your name and email address if you provide it to us.

In both instances, we do not actively log and file this information in any logical means unless your contact information is needed to be stored for further communications. We do nothing else with this information other than to simply use it to contact you and inform you of new Jamberry training, personal success articles, and/or Jamberry product related information.

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If you have any concerns or comments regarding this privacy policy, please head to our contact page and send us a note.

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If you are not sure if it’s a body of work I own or not, or if you would like to ask if you could use one of our bodies of work, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the Contact Us link to ask me.

Here are a few other exceptions and rules. The information below is in regards to bodies of work Lindsey Hoff owns the rights to.


You can use the images found on our website on your own website, however a link back to the site you borrowed the image from is required as well as text explaining to others where you copied this image from. To use an image from our site, you must download the image and host it on your own. You are not allowed to “share” our bandwidth. You must host the image if you want to use it.


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Disclaimer and Disclosure

If you link from this site ( over to Jamberry’s website and you make a purchase, I (Lindsey Hoff) will get a commission from Jamberry. Commission rates vary depending on what you buy and what promotions are being run. I do not collect your credit card information, that is done through Jamberry’s website. If you have questions about that, please visit their site for more info (

Note that I am not a professional in nail care nor do I have any certifications. I just really love Jamberry nail wraps and am offering what I know and like to you. If you have medical questions in regards to how anything Jamberry produces could affect you, please consult a physician and Jamberry.