Customer and Downline Reviews of Lindsey

Jamberry Customer and Independent Consultant Reviews

Hey everyone! Lindsey IS the reason for my Jamberry business. While we had discussed it for a while, the opportunity presented itself in the right way, at the right time, and she was there to make sure my launch into it was a success.

Even now, any time I have a question, no matter how dumb I think it may be, or how many times she's probably answered the same exact question for me in the past, she is always willing to take the time to explain things and address any issues I may be having!

It's great being a part of Lindsey's team, and having my own Jamberry business, because there is so much support from everyone, so much opportunity to grow, and I'm able to do it around my schedule and now do things with my family that we weren't able to before!

Lindsey is my go-to for everything I need for my business and I highly recommend joining our team!

Amanda D. - Northumberland, PA Jamberry Independent Consultant
Jamberry Customer and Independent Consultant Reviews

Lindsey is an amazing leader.

I was a hard sell on becoming a consultant and never would have done it if i didn't know Lindsey and what I would be getting in the form of support. I was a customer for a year before I became a consultant and hosted several parties thru her.

Every one was friendly and engaging. She had new and exciting games and graphics available and knowledge of the products. I have not yet come across a time since becoming a consultant that Lindsey has not been right there to support me and help me. If she cant do it, her upline can and she will find a way to get us help or answers.

Tiffany F. - Clinton, NY Jamberry Independent Consultant
Jamberry Customer and Independent Consultant Reviews

Hello everyone I decided to join Jamberry and I have been enjoying it.

Our up line consultant Lindsey is a great person. You can ask her for help with anything you need and she is always right there to help with anything you may need. I have to say she is very social with others.

She is also very knowledgeable with our Jamberry products and I would have to say she definitely knows a lot of people.

Michelle J. - Taberg, NY Jamberry Independent Consultant

I ordered a little of everything. Samples were sent, every question was answered, Facebook parties were very engaging.

Sunni W. - Rome, NY Customer Review