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About Lindsey Hoff

Jamberry Independent Lead Consultant

My 4 Bullet Point List

Lindsey Hoff
Jamberry Independent Consultant

I've been selling Jamberry products since 2014. I wear and use their products every day and encourage others to do the same. Not only do they sell quality products, Jamberry is a great company to partner with. The support is great and their commission structure pays well. You also get to socialize with new and exciting people with similar goals to your own.

Wedding Planner

Before starting my own business I worked as a Wedding Planner here in Las Vegas, NV. I think Jamberry nail wraps are ideal for weddings as they are easy to put on and saves time and money spent at nail salons. As a wedding planner in Las Vegas I've seen quite the array of wedding ceremonies.

Amazon Seller
Domestic & International E-Commerce

My husband and I own a family business where we create products and sell them online, Amazon being a large portion of our online sales. Product development starts by first researching a product to build, then analyzing competition, finding a manufacturer (domestic or international), packaging and graphics design, up to marketing our brand and product.

Work From Home
Mom of 4

The greatest part of this all is I am able to stay home and raise our kids while working from home. Making a profit for yourself is way better than earning a wage. If you want to sell Jamberry, check out my journal to learn how.

More About Me

Hi! My name is Lindsey Hoff and I'm...

  • Proud to be an American Woman (southern at heart)
  • A Jamberry Independent Consultant (of course)
  • Business owner
  • Wife and mother of 4 children
  • Love to travel

Is that my life summed up in a few short bullet points? Not even close!

Why Jamberry?

For years I painted my nails, used harmful nail polish removers, fought the battle of bacteria-infected finger tips, nail chips... you name it.

I kept telling myself, "This is what I have to do in order to have pretty nails."

Well, I was wrong.

Gone are the days dealing with known carcinogens, such as formaldehyde (used as a hardening agent) and acetone (a harmful chemical used in nail polish removers).

It all went away thanks to Jamberry.

Why I Decided To Be An Independent Consultant

jamberry-nails-consultantA: Jamberry has awesome products.
B: I wanted to share these products with others.
C: I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a little money while I'm at it.

E-Commerce and Amazon

E-Commerce and Amazon

I mentioned above that I'm a business owner (aside from Jamberry).

My husband and I own a couple companies in which we manufacture products from various parts of the world and import them both here in the USA and abroad for sales online.

Our usual process involves researching online what people are already buying, evaluating the competition, and seeing how we might make a similar product but slightly better / more improved.

Sometimes you can't improve a product too much and in that case it's up to your entrepreneurial and branding skills to make your product more desirable over others.

It's also about going where your customers are and marketing to them there.

This is the process I've tried to bring into my Jamberry business.

If you're interested in my other business and what we sell, feel free to message me and I'll gladly send you some links, but I want this site to be about Jamberry and how you should join my group of Independent Consultants 😉

Jammin' Into Success

This is my private online journal that my husband and I author where we discuss becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant and following in the footsteps of high achievers, not just in Jamberry, but in life.

After the initial start up information you need to know about becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant, the focus of Jammin' Into Success shifts toward helping you achieve success in life - whatever it is you do (Jamberry, reach your goals, win a gold medal...).

Just teaching you "tactics" to sell Jamberry products won't work so well. The strategy is what we seek.

Sign up as a Jamberry Independent Consultant under me and we'll discuss Jamberry and personal success.

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