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Hi I'm Lindsey,  a Jamberry Independent Consultant. I created my site for 2 kinds of visitors:

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Our Team

Lindsey Hoff
Lindsey Hoff
Lindsey Hoff
Jamberry Independent Consultant

Lindsey has been an entrepreneur since 2010 and currently runs her own Jamberry Independent Consultant business. Consultants who sign up under her receive Jamberry updates, video training, Facebook marketing advice, graphics help, and more.

John Hoff
John Hoff
John Hoff

John is a direct response marketer and business owner. As a team, John and Lindsey come together to promote their businesses and help others achieve personal success. When you sign up as an Independent Consultant under Lindsey, you may gain access to their co-authored Jammin' Into Success Journal.

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Hey everyone! Lindsey IS the reason for my Jamberry business. While we had discussed it for a while, the opportunity presented itself in the right way, at the right time, and she was there to make sure my launch into it was a success.

Even now, any time I have a question, no matter how dumb I think it may be, or how many times she's probably answered the same exact question for me in the past, she is always willing to take the time to explain things and address any issues I may be having!

It's great being a part of Lindsey's team, and having my own Jamberry business, because there is so much support from everyone, so much opportunity to grow, and I'm able to do it around my schedule and now do things with my family that we weren't able to before!

Lindsey is my go-to for everything I need for my business and I highly recommend joining our team!

Amanda - Northumberland, PA Jamberry Independent Consultant

Lindsey is an amazing leader.

I was a hard sell on becoming a consultant and never would have done it if i didn't know Lindsey and what I would be getting in the form of support. I was a customer for a year before I became a consultant and hosted several parties thru her. Every one was friendly and engaging. She had new and exciting games and graphics available and knowledge of the products. I have not yet come across a time since becoming a consultant that Lindsey has not been right there to support me and help me. If she cant do it, her upline can and she will find a way to get us help or answers.

Tiffany - Clinton, NY Jamberry Independent Consultant

Hello everyone I decided to join Jamberry and I have been enjoying it. Our up line consultant Lindsey is a great person. You can ask her for help with anything and she is always right there to help. I have to say she is very social with others. She is also knowledgeable with our Jamberry products and I would have to say she definitely knows a lot of people.

Michelle - Taberg, NY Jamberry Independent Consultant

I ordered a little of everything. Samples were sent, every question was answered, Facebook parties were very engaging.

Sunni - Rome, NY Customer Review
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About Jamberry

  • What is Jamberry
  • Business Info
  • Who Are the Jamberry Sisters & Executive Team?
  • Where Is Jamberry Located?
  • How Jamberry Began
  • What are Jamberry Nail Wraps?
  • How Long Do Jamberry Nails Last?
  • Jamberry Nails vs. Nail Polish
  • Kinds of Products Jamberry Sells
  • What Is a Sister's Style Exclusive?
  • Being a Jamberry Independent Consultant
  • Selling Jamberry
  • How Much Does a Jamberry Consultant Make?
  • What is the Jamberry Fast Start?
  • Choosing Who To Sign Up Under
  • Where To Buy Jamberry Nails
  • Request a Free Jamberry Nail Wrap Sample

What is Jamberry

my-jamberry-manisFounded in 2010 by 3 sisters--Christy, Lyndsey, and Keri Evans, Jamberry is a revolutionary member of the nail wraps market which produces vinyl nail wraps.

Considering the fact that the company decided to sell direct to customers vs. what most other nail wrap companies did at the time (sell primarily to professional nail salons), I think Jamberry brought a breath of fresh air into the nail styling market.

I'm sure most women would prefer to spend 15 minutes of their time to get a perfect manicure instead of spending $60 and 90 minutes of their time to go to a professional salon.

Business Info

Jamberry has been one of the most successful start-ups I've observed in recent years. Starting with a few models for nail wraps, they are selling over 300 different wraps (as of the writing of this article), plus other nail products, like lacquers and gels.

Everything for you to have the manicure of your dreams, no matter the occasion.

And in addition to that, they also offer the possibility of creating your own design for the nail wraps. In fact, you may send them the picture and get the personalized shields.

Jamberry sells through their e-commerce store (website), but their business model leans heavily on multi-level marketing to generate sales. Their sales force are known as independent consultants who earn commissions by marketing Jamberry products and closing sales.

It is important to note that these are "independent consultants" and not "consultants". This distinction is important because the former do not actually work for Jamberry.

Independent consultants can also earn commissions through their "Downlines" which are new independent consultants who sign up under another independent consultant.

Depending on certain factors, independent consultants can make a percentage of their downline's sales as well.

In only four years, more than 20,000 (in 2016 around the 40k-50k mark I believe) people have become Jamberry Independent Consultants and I see 2 reasons why:

  • they want pretty nails
  • they want to earn some extra cash / start a home-based business

They can do both at Jamberry Nails.

Who Are the Jamberry Sisters & Executive Team?

Jamberry Nails is owned by three sisters: Kerry Evans, Christy Hepworth and Lyndsey Ekstrom who take care of the creation part, checking the latest trends in nail styling and fashion, and analyzing each suggestion from the buyers.

There is also an executive team:

  • Christy's husband, Adam Hepworth (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Jared Richards (Chief Performance Officer)
  • Matt Hoffman (Chief Commerce Officer)
  • Brick Bergeson (Chief Growth Officer)
  • Jeremy Knudsen (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Brian Bowers (Chief Operations Officer)

*Note: the list above is accurate as of the date this article was written.

The talented group above have raised Jamberry from ground to mountain top in only a few short years. As an entrepreneur myself, I'm quite impressed with what they have accomplished.

The idea of the business was brilliant but they also knew how to put it in practice. That is why Jamberry is so successful today and why it is worth becoming an independent consultant. They will teach you everything you need to know to sell the products and earn some extra cash.

Where Is Jamberry Located?

Jamberry's address is currently located in 1350 W 200 S (Geneva), Lindon, UT 84042, United States.

How Jamberry Began

It all began one day when Lyndsey went to a salon and got white and purple zebra nail wraps on her toes. She imagined that she could also create something like this with the help of her sisters.

Her sister Christy recalls Lyndsey's excitement and saying, "Guys, we could seriously make this!".

The sisters were striving to open a business for a long time. They thought of baby headbands, natural soaps and lotions, things they knew about as they were stay-at-home moms. But they knew nothing about nails... especially nail wraps.

jamberry-children-kids-nail-wrapsHaving always gone to salons for manicures and pedicures, they realized they wanted something that could be done at home. Something which was non-toxic and suitable for children nails too.

Things were put on fast forward.

Christy’s husband, Adam Hepworth was already a business owner, creating equipment for Bluehouse Skis. The skis went to the customers with some vinyl stickers.

During their brainstorming, they realized they could create the wraps out of a super slim vinyl foil as they already had the cutter.

They started with only 25 models and tested the wraps themselves to see how long they would last and if they felt good on the nails.

Their first public appearance was at "What a Woman Wants Expo", an event in Salt Lake City and they had a great success. The second was at their local Christmas fair... and that was only the beginning.

These days Jamberry brings in more than 10 million dollars a year and it is continuously growing.

What are Jamberry Nail Wraps?

Request a free Jamberry Nail Wraps SampleJamberry's prime products are the nail wraps they offer.

If you want to have pretty nails, these shields are the solution.

They are stickers that will perfectly cover the entire surface of the nail.

Unlike any other shields, these wraps are not made out of nail polish, nor do they contain any toxic ingredients.

The prime material is a vinyl foil which is very thin and it will stick to your nail due to a non-toxic adhesive located on the back.

Applying Jamberry wraps will take only 15 minutes of your time (obviously you get faster the more you do it) and there will be no need to go to the salon or wear toxic nail polish. Your nails will be finally healthy. The wraps are also appropriate for children as they are latex and chemicals free.

How Long Do Jamberry Nails Last?

We all know that classic nail polish will last for a maximum of 5 days if you keep your hands away from water, dishwashers and stuff like that. Things you will probably not be able to do, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom which has to wash dozens of dishes that remain on the table after the children eat.

Jamberry nails will look great on you for 14 days!

Yes, 2 weeks of pretty nails; moreover, your pedicure will last for up to 4 weeks. So what could be better? 14-28 days when you won't have to take care of your nails and you can do anything else you want to, like reading a good book or taking a nice long walk in the park.

Again, kind of an unlikely situation if you are a stay-at-home mom. Anyway... you will have pretty nails.

Jamberry Nails vs. Nail Polish

Kinds of Products Jamberry Sells

The three founders (sisters) didn't stick only to the nail wraps but wanted to move further and bring all the features of a salon at home.

Nail Gel - TruShine

One of the things that can only be performed by a nail technician is putting gel on your nails. This is usually kind of harsh and your nails may suffer after its removal.

Jamberry offers gels that are free of some known toxic carcinogens, like toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, formaldehyde resin and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) - 5 FREE. And you can apply them all by yourself because the gels are sold together with a toolkit that brings anything you need.

First, you won't have to expose your nails to UV rays anymore because Jamberry offers a LED curing lamp instead of an UV one.

Second you can apply gel to your nails at home with the help of the lamp.

And third, you will be able to remove the gel without making a trip to the salon. Simply use removal pockets and your nails will be clean and ready for your next ideas.


Also made with the formula 5 FREE (free from the 5 most common carcinogens often used in nail polish), Jamberry lacquers offer a wide range of colors that can please everyone and even the most exotic tastes.

Nail Care Products

As you have probably figured out by now, the Jamberry sisters want to cover the entire area of nail art and styling which also means taking care of hands and nails.

Therefore, you may find a lot of products for nail and hand care and also different accessories that will help you finish your manicure faster and easier.

Here are some examples:

What Is a Sister's Style Exclusive?

Sister's Style Exclusive is a wrap design that is available for only one month.

It is a creation of the three sisters, inspired by the season, the weather, fashion trends, etc. While in December you might wear icy crystals, in June you might pamper yourself with juicy fruits. You have to keep in mind the fact that you can only order exclusive wraps for that month.

Being a Jamberry Independent Consultant


As you see there are a lot of reasons to become a Jamberry Independent Consultant.

I believe the first reason to sign up as an independent consultant is that you will be able to earn some extra cash and have pretty nails at the same time. I believe that a lot of women give up on taking care of their nails when they become moms due to the lack of time or money. But with Jamberry, it takes only 15 minutes to get your nails done and for a minimum amount of money.

There are a lot of people who want to join Jamberry just to take the 30% discount. It could be an alternative, but why do only that when you have the possibility of growing your monthly income with just a little effort?

Just like the title suggests, you are "independent".

I believe this is the key word. You benefit from all the know-how and the resources the company has to offer and still you are on your own (so it's kind of like working for them but you get to set your own schedule). This means that you can set up your schedule the way you want to, work from your cozy living room, in your nice pajamas and/or take care of your kids and be there whenever they need you.

You choose the hours, you choose how much you want to work.

The best thing is that when you will have an entire network of "Downlines" (people who sign up under you), you will earn money when they are selling too, which means that you will also be able to sleep or go to a party and money will still enter your account.

When you join Jamberry, you'll have access to your "Upline", who generally helps guide you to become more successful with the business. It is also in her best interest for you to sell. The more you sell, the more you and she earns. It is that simple.

Don't be afraid that you will lose or bother your friends by asking them to buy from you.

You do not have to present things like that. There are a lot of selling and marketing tools you will be able to use so that you will turn everything into something fun. Before I joined, I asked some of my friends if they would like to try out these nail wraps. Not a single one said "no".

jamberry-target-audienceOf course, you only want to ask the friends who might be interested in this type of product, don't ask every single person you know... try to target as best as you can.

Most women are fond of pretty nails but not many are willing to spend tons of money and time to get their manicures and pedicures done.

Another thing which makes some people hesitate to join is the fact that a large percentage of nail wraps selling online are based on social network marketing... and you might not be very good at that.

jam universityJamberry has some great training in their Jamberry University members area.

When you join Jamberry you'll have access to a back office area where you can learn about Jamberry's brand messaging and gain access to tons of training material and videos.

Also, take into consideration that Jamberry is a quite new company.

Although it kind of exploded in the past years, the market is far away from being saturated. Think about the fact that the product they are selling is unique and non-toxic (this is very important) and can be used for little girls too. This is a huge advantage because I wouldn't think any mother who would want to put toxic gel on her daughter's nails.

I know it seems like there's already a lot of people selling Jamberry these days. But as I previously pointed out there is a huge market out there, and not only in the US but also in Australia, Canada, UK and in new locations soon.

Just like how other great companies spread their wings all over the world, Jamberry is expanding globally, fast.

I've seen figures online for 2015 showed that Jamberry has about 50,000 independent consultants (but don't quote me on that). Compared to other companies which have 3+ million consultants, this number is quite small. And since the products offered are of very high quality, the odds of growing faster and faster are really big.

For now, Jamberry is just becoming synonym with nail art. In a few years, the company will probably be an emblematic name in this area.

Plus, it is always best to join a company in its beginning phase and grow together because you will become a respected and experimented member (early adopter) and you will also have the satisfaction to bring your contribution to this growth. Such a journey always changes your perception on things and the way you see and live your life. It is kind of a personal growth and development too (we'll talk about those topics if you join my group).

I've just presented you some reasons to become a Jamberry Independent Consultant, and there are a lot more.

And I will point once again to a reason that is very important to me and I believe to all of us: time.

Just like Jose Mujica, the former president of Uruguay (also known as the least wealthy president all over the world) said: "We are not paying for things with money, we are paying for them with our time, the time we spend making that money. Money comes and go, but time never comes back." That is why I believe that having time for yourself and your family is extremely important.

I am positive that all of you want to watch your kids grow and be there for them; all of you want to spend quality time with your partners and all of you want to have time for yourselves... just like I do.

Jamberry can give you that time.

But it does take work. You have to learn the business and be persistent. Only you will decide how many hours you will work, what schedule you will make, and how much of your time you'll invest in education and personal development.

If you want more, you have to become more.

You may have to work early in the morning, late in the afternoon or at midnight. It doesn't matter that there's 50k or so consultants out there, what matters is how you focus your time and effort.

Selling Jamberry

There are a lot of tools for selling nail wraps, but two of the most efficient forms of advertising is the Facebook party and in home parties, both of which we will talk about when you join my group.

The Facebook Party

This is a virtual party hosted on Facebook where you create an open group and invite people to join.

It's like the party would be at your house, only you don't have to wash dishes or clean afterward. You may even make it more real by using cameras and play games together with your guests. The purpose of the party is to sell by showing people how cool Jamberry nails are, showing them live (pictures/video) how easy it is to apply the wraps and so on.

It would be nice and extremely beneficial to offer some incentives to your guests, for example, "The first 5 ladies who join will receive half nail wraps sheet for free."

How Much Does a Jamberry Consultant Make?

make-money-with-jamberryAs I previously said, you will get a 30% commission from the start for all the nail wraps you sell. But there is more to it than the initial amount.

You may earn up to 40% only on your retail sales. This means that if your clients buy nail wraps, up to 40% of what you sell is your money (see Jamberry's commission structure).

When you create your own network, things work like this: you will earn money from the wraps sold by the people which join Jamberry right under you and by the people that join under them and by the people who join under the last ones. This means earnings 3 levels deep: your Downlines and 2 more levels (see the link above for more information).

When you are in your Jamberry Fast Start Period, you will be able to earn additional bonuses up to 2 levels deep.

Any member of the Jamberry family can move up to the next rank. When you achieve a certain level of sales, you will move up to the next phase. When your Downlines do that, you will receive a bonus. This is as a "thank you" note for all your efforts and work to train your recruits.

If you work hard, educate yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone, the time will come when you will have whole teams in your Downlines. If they meet certain sales volume you will also receive a cash bonus.

What is the Jamberry Fast Start?

First of all, you need to join the team. The initial cost is only $99 and you will get a whole kit to start your own business. This kit will include:

  • 1 set of wraps
  • Credit for 3 additional sets of your choice
  • Mini heater
  • 3 buffers
  • Alcohol wipes
  • 5 nail files
  • 3 sets of scissors
  • 50 orange sticks
  • Rubber cuticle pusher
  • Consultant guide
  • 100 order forms
  • 25 brochures
  • 50 catalogs
  • 50 sample cards
  • 3 months of free use for your own website

The Fast Start will last for 3 months and here is what you need to do in that period:

Fast Start Month 1

Hold your Facebook launch party and earn $150 so the party is qualified.

Recruit one friend.

Sell $500 nail wraps.

Earn $75 retail product credit (this cannot be used for advertising materials, shipping or taxes).

Fast Start Month 2

Host 2 parties with sales of $150+ to qualify.

Your retail sales should now be $600.

Convince another friend to become a Jamberry Independent Consultant.

Earn $100 retail product credit.

Fast Start Month 3

Your retail earning must be of $400.

The consultants under you need to be active (have $200 retail sales/month or be in their joining month).

Your whole team (you, the consultants under you and any new consultant under them) must have $1500 retail sales.

Receive the Lead Consultant Advancement Bonus of $100.

Fast Start Table

Fast Start is Sign Up Month + 3 Months

Reward Period Rewards Criteria Reward
1st Period (sign-up month plus 1)
  • Host 1 Party*
  • 500 PRV
  • 1 Recruit
$75 retail product credit**
2nd Period (2nd full month)
  • Host 2 Parties*
  • 600 PRV
  • 1 Recruit
$100 retail product credit**
3rd Period (3rd full month)
  • Achieve Lead Consultant Rank
  • 400 PRV
  • 2 Active Legs
  • 1,500 TRV
$100 Lead Consultant Advancement Bonus
Achieve all 3 (must have achieved each Rewards Criteria by the Reward Period Deadline)
  • Achieve Fast Start Periods 1, 2, 3
  • $100 retail product credit**
  • Exclusive Fast Start Achiever Pin
  • Special recognition in Newsletter and at Conference
From Jamberry: If you have achieved a Fast Start goal, you may immediately begin working on the next one and any excess PRV or recruits can apply to the next Fast Start goal for the first two periods. The third period is designed to stand alone with no roll-over period. If you miss a goal by the end of the period you can still achieve the next goal.


When this period ends and you achieve all the rewards criteria, you will receive a $100 bonus retail product credit, exclusive Fast Start Achiever Pin and special recognition in the newsletter and at the conference.

This would be a huge step forward for you and your team. It means you are committed and the business will only continue to grow.

Where To Buy Jamberry Nails

Well, of course, you may buy from Jamberry official website, but there is no one there who can help and guide you.

It is always better to buy from a consultant, because this is our job, to offer suggestions and help you decide what will fit you better. It's like having a conversation with your nail technician at the salon but without having to move out of the house.

I always prefer a nice and helpful talk with some consultant (whenever that is possible) instead of ordering directly from the company direct.

So if you're looking to buy Jamberry, I will more than happy to help you.

Request a Free Jamberry Nail Wrap Sample

Request a free Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample