Jamberry Application: How To Apply Jamberry Nail Wraps Video

In this Jamberry application video, I’ll show you how to put on Jamberry nails and how to remove Jamberry nails from your fingers.

Along the way I’ll show you the various products from the Jamberry catalog I use to help with the removal and application process. Certain products also help my nails stay on longer, which we’ll discuss in the video.

Some of the products I showcase in the video include:

Nail Wrap and Lacquer remover
TruShine Gel Enamel Base Coat
TruShine Gel Enamel Top Coat
TruShine LED Curing Lamp
Jamberry heater (mini-heater)

I also use ORLY Bonder (2:30 into the video) because I have oily nails and this I’ve found helps my Jamberry nail wraps stick better.

Other video highlights, tips, and begin times:

How to measure, use an orange stick, and cut your nail wraps from the nail wraps sheet:

How long to use the mini-heater to heat your nail wrap:

How to apply the nail wraps to your fingers:

Cut the nail wrap to size on your finger and file the edges smooth

After I stick on my nail wraps I like to use the Jamberry TruShine base and top coats to help them last longer (I get about 20 days from my nail wraps).

Begin TruShine base coat application:

Jamberry LED curing light use to harden base and top coats (the curing process is about 40 seconds):

Begin TruShine top coat application:

About using TruShine base and top coats with Jamberry lacquers and Gel colors:

Nails are finished but are sticky. Here’s the final step:



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